I'm pretty much convinced I have the cutest, best puppy ever. But I have a few questions. Everything I've read says that puppies will defecate in an hour or so after eating. I think my little girl holds hers in for as long as she possibly can because she doesn't go until several hours after she's eaten, usually she's eaten twice by the time she goes, and she has quite a bit of it when she goes. It's solid when it starts, and towards the end, it gets really soft and a little liquidy. I just got her this past weekend, and I know for a fact that her stools were solid when she was with her breeder. I'm feeding her the same food he fed her, but could it be happening because I'm not softening her food the way the breeder was? And is there anything I can do to help her be more regular? I'm home with her for most of the day, so I usually take her out every hour or hour and a half or so, so we don't have any accidents in the house. Also, I've read a lot about teaching her bite inhibition, and can someone please tell me that yes, she'll stop biting someday? She gets tired of her toys in two seconds flat, but she never gets tired of chewing on my feet and various other things she's not allowed to chew on. And puppy teeth really hurt! Other than the biting, she's just the sweetest, smartest little pup there ever was. So when can I expect it to stop? Or at least, how old will she be when she figures out that toys are for chewing and people and electrical cords aren't? What do I have to do to get her there as soon as possible? Thanks so much. I love my puppy, and I'll do anything for her to keep her safe, healthy, and happy.