I have a 7 year old border collie and a 6 years old border collie mix, both shelter dogs, both fixed, both potty trained. Suddenly they both decided to start peeing and pooping in the house. They do it when I'm gone to work, when I'm asleep, when I'm in the shower, pretty much anytime I'm not in the room to catch them. Its almost always in the same area, which happens to be the kitchen. Here's the kicker: when there's snow on the ground, they're perfect angels! As soon as the snow starts to melt off, they start doing it again. Its not seasonal, its specifically whether there's snow on the ground, on a day to day basis. I walk them, throw the ball in the yard, give them plenty of exercise, stimulation and attention. I've never crated them and refuse to start now but its been going on for a couple of years now and I'm at my wits end. I can't afford to move to Alaska. HELP!