I noticed a strange behaviour in my dog, late this evening. He is 7 years of age and is a spitz dog. Today I suddenly found him restless about half an hour after he took his evening meal. He was shivvering in some kind of fear and was trying to hide himself at some corner. Or tried to enetr toilet or open balcony, in this cold, where temperature in around 12 degrees C. He is a lovabale dog of our family and all the members tried to pacify him. Though he responded, still I could see him trembling for no reason. He lives under a very secured atmosphere, and I simply failed to understand of his behaviour. I have no idea why he behaved like this, he never done so in the past. Its 2 in the morning here, I just ckecked him, he isn't sleeping and sitting idel on his mattress. Can anybody help me understand this problem please?