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    Aug 20, 2008, 03:40 PM
    Dog's afraid to go out in night
    My 4 1/2 yr old Shih-tzu has started running right back into the house or not even going out the door to go potty after dark. It seems to have started when the neighbors kept shooting fireworks at irregular times at night for almost 2 weeks after July 4th. He HAS been afraid of thunder for years; he shakes and finds me or hides. Could this be related? My encouragement to him to go out at night is not helping. What can I do? Now he's getting me up at ridiculous hours in the morning to go poop since he used to go right before bedtime. Any ideas?
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    Aug 21, 2008, 04:08 PM
    Have you tried holding him in your arms and walking outside with him in the yard to show him that there are no fireworks or dangers around after dark? You might take him about 20' outside and in a calming voice explain to him it's okay out and he's going to be okay to do his business as you are there to protect him. You can talk outloud to him in a gentle voice. Pretty soon he'll get the idea that the neighbor is not out to hurt him. Trying to drag the little guy outside now is obviously not working.
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    Aug 22, 2008, 03:45 AM
    Why not try to lure him out with his favorite toy or perhaps some treats. And when he does come out praise him with lots of love.
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    Aug 23, 2008, 10:51 AM
    I'd teach the dog to heal on a leash in the daytime in an area different than his usual potty place. Then take him out at night on the leash to that same area. Later when he has no problems with this, take him out on the leash to his potty place, then go with him off the leash to his potty place (if it is a backyard or somewhere safe for him to be off leash). My dogs do not like to go out in the backyard on their own if the grass is wet, but are sure ready for a walk out front in the same wet grass. Do not rush this process - if you make the adjustments from step to step too quickly, it is not likely to work.

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