I have a male neutered Yorkie that just will not stop peeing in the house. He knows how to let me know when he has to go cause he has done it many times before. I have two other dogs that are both female, one is spayed and the other one is just getting over her first heat cycle per vet requested. My vet will not spayed her till she has had her first heat cycle. Now this problem with my yorkie has always been there. He belongs to my son but he is a truck driver and couldn't keep him on the truck anymore cause they have him on the go all the time and he wouldn't have the time to stop to let the little guy potty so we had him bring him here with us. I have tried the pee pads with some of that house braking spay thinking that maybe if I could get him to go in one place instead of where ever he wanted then I could work on him from there but that isn't working either..I have gates up so he is only aloud in one room and that being the room with no carpet and he just pees on the run leaving a trail behind him like he is practicing to be a fireman. I have had him checked and the vet don't seem to think he has any health issues but something is wrong here and I sure don't know what it could be..I do not and will not give him up but my hubby is losing his cool here...I really need some advice please.

This little guy has had it bad before my son bought him at 8 months old. He got him from a puppy mill and he was kept in a cage for those 8 months. His two front feet are out to the side like a duck's feet and he has some teeth problems that we are working on. He is the most loveable dog I have had. I have him as well as my other two dogs sleep in crates at night and he does really good in that.

Please help