I have a 2 and a half year old husk x labrador. Very cute and energetic but problem is he won't go stay in his kennel or go to sleep without me (just me-not my other family members) standing in front of the kennel. I have tried putting toys and treats into the kennel and it became more confident in staying in the kennel (didnt want to go in at all when we got him). I tell it to stay and praise and treat him when he stays but as soon as I go inside and close the door he comes out of the kennel and moves from door to door while whining. He does this all night-no sleep whatsoever and also thorughout the day. He hasn't slept for days. He is very tired bcoz he does this everyday but still he does this... When I am inside and he can see me his whine is not as loud but it is continuous. I have been getting sick from lack of sleep bcoz he does this and he might get sick if he doesn't stop doing this as well. We take him on plenty of walks and swims in a day. Also we went to the vet and they say there is nothing out of the ordinary so don't know what to do now.However kennel inside the house or crate is not an option. Any tips? HELP ME!!