I have an 18 month old dog. The past few weeks he has decided he doesn't want to sleep through the night. We are staying at the in-laws at the moment and so he has been sleeping in the bedroom in his own bed. For some reason now he won't sleep through the night and he either wants to get on the bed with us (he is a big dog so we don't want him there) or he cries and scrats at the door until we let him out for the loo. When we let him out he always goes to the loo he nearly always goes for a number 1 and 2!

We have tried everything to stop this including feeding him twice a day for set times, he has good off lead exercise twice a day and usually we make sure he goes for a walk a couple of hours before bed time and we always take him to the loo just before he goes to bed. When he cries we have tried ignoring him we have tried letting him sleep downstairs but leaving the door open in the bedroom so he can get in his bed. When we do this he runs upand down the stairs and barks for ages (which is not good in someone else's house). We have tried a different bed for him but nothing works.

This is getting to the point were my husband and I are getting only 4 hours sleep a night and it is far worse than having a baby. Any suggsetions would be much appreciated.

Thanks :confused: