Our 5 month old mix puppy threw up several times the nigh before last, hasn't felt much like herself and hasn't been eating normally. She. Did have dinner last night and ate hungrily although we didn't let her eat as much as she wanted because we didn't want her overdoing it. She acted normal after that, played with her sister etc. This morning she threw up bile again and is tired again. I am keeping her hydrated, whether she likes it or not, and she is running a very slight fever. She has not pooped since yesterday morning although she did eat dinner last night and her tummy is not distended or sore to the touch. She is peeing normally. Its not uncommon for her to vomit bile in the early mornings before breakfast so I now leave food out 24/7 which helped. It is not normal for her to be off her food. The vet doesn't seem concerned but I am, this I'd not normal for hr.