I have 4 dogs, 2 of which are Jindo's brother & sister(15 months old). Lucy got off her leash last Monday and by the grace of god found her way back home 2 days later, which I think explains the 5 lbs drop in her weight to 30 lbs. The problem is, at her original weight of 35lbs she was too thin, where her ribs were exposed, now its worse. I took her to the vet yesterday to have her checked out and discuss her weight problem. I was informed I should give her cottage cheese, pre-cooked chicken and mix it in with her dry dog food (lamb & rice) and/or an anxiety pill to calm her down because she is very skittish and the pill will increase her appetite. Anything just to get her to eat more. My little girl has some issues and we are going to get through them, however, any thoughts on what I can give her along with her dry dog food that is healthy for her. I don't like to give my kids table food.