Hi my name is Amber, I have an 8 month old Australian Sherpherd. 2 weeks ago I had to take him to the vet because he threw up 4 times in the matter of a few hours, he could not keep any food down but was able to keep water down OK.
The vet when I took him in said he looked OK after looking him over and checking his stools, which were solid and said he could have a normal stomach bug or could have eaten to fast. The vet gave me some medicine to coat his throat and stomach 2 hours before eatting, also pain medication because his belly seemed a little sore when she pushed in.
It has been 2 weeks and he has seemed himself again other then now he has only been eating maybe once or twice a day not sure if this is due to him getting older? And today he has not eaten at all yet, has been drinking water though but when I took him outside he threw up 2 times one right after the other and I noticed it was a slimy white foam, after he threw up the last time there were bits of white foam hanging from his mouth. He has had all his shots so I know it is not rabies but wondering if I should be overly concerned or not? Also his belly is not hard at all, does not seem sore to touch anymore and his gums are a nice pink.
Thank you for your time in advance