We have 2 shepard-lab mix dogs, one male and one female, from the same litter. We got the male several months later than the female (he's only been with us since July, whereas we got her last December). Both of them are quite fearful for some unknown reason (they're puppies of a rescue dog, never abused and always in loving homes). I mean, they're scared of things like parked cars and piles of grass, and absolutely terrified as to completely panic. We continue to work on this.

Anyway, up until last week they were both trained to go out to eliminate. We have a dog door that is open 24/7, and whereas at first it was hard to train them to it they got it after a few weeks and have been using it ever since. They still use it to go outside regularly. However, last week it rained for the first time in several months, and there was pee and poop all over the kitchen floor, twice in one day. We assumed it was because they didn't want to get wet (little buggers!), and they ended up spending the amount of time it took me to clean up out in the rain getting used to it.

But since then, the male has continued to pee and poop on the kitchen floor. Even when it isn't raining. Even though he's just gotten back from a nice long walk. And this takes place not 2 feet from the dog door, which is open, and which he uses regularly throughout the day.

There is a mat in front of the door, which is there to cut back on mud. He is consistently doing it on this mat, no matter which mat is down. Even the brand new ones that had no wee smell, and after the floor had been cleaned several times with both nature's miracle and vinegar. In addition, I started putting his kibble directly on the mat today so that he would associate eating ON the mat, which should kick in his instincts not to pee on it. We need the mat down to cut back on mud throughout the house. But I can't have pee and poop in the kitchen!

Any advice? He's been to the vet recently, though just for a checkup and before this problem came up. He's very, very healthy. He's also so terrified of the vet I am loathe to take him in if it isn't necessary. Can anyone suggest any behavioral therapy I haven't tried yet? So far I have:

Used Nature's Miracle and vinegar to get rid of the smell.
Replaced the mats he's gone on.
Made sure the dog door is open and he has access.
Put kibble directly down on the mat for him to eat off.
Caught him in the actual act, scolded and put him outside immediately after.

I love my dogs--both of them! How can I keep him as a cuddly inside dog, and not have him condemned to be an outside dog?? I'm open to ideas!