I have a 7 year old male labrador, and there is something wrong with him and we don't know what. Our vet ended up referring him to a clinic as they couldn't tell what was wrong. He has had numerous blood tests, x-rays and an MRI and they still can't see what is wrong. They're all coming back normal.

He seems to have lost all strength in his back legs. He struggles to stand. He is now almost pulling upself up with his two front legs. He slides around in the kitchen floor, sometimes his back legs are just giving out on him. He keeps standing with his two back legs very close together, almost touching. And when he walks he has a very strange walk, with his back legs often out to the side.

He has been this way for around 2 months now, and it came on quite suddenly. When it first came on, just before the legs/at the same time, he had a problem with his mouth. He kept hanging his mouth open all the time, was drooling a lot into his water bowl, was eating slowly, and when catching a ball etc he would hold it onto one side. Again, the vet didn't know what the problem was. But, after the first general anisthetic he had so the vets could test him, the mouth was fine, and has been since.

His head also shrunk. Like it was wasting away. He face became very skeletal, and you could really see the shape of the bones in his face. Again though, in the last couple of weeks this seems to be improving, and his face filling out again. The vets all seem to agree that the head and legs are two separate issues, but I mention them in case anyone thinks it is relevant.

He is going back to clinic later this week. When we went a couple of weeks ago, they said to stop the steroids he had been on for his legs (which didn't seem to make any difference anyway), as the steroids could be throwing the tests off. But in the last few days, he has seemed much worse. He is not even getting up to greet us when we come home now. Whereas personality wise he had seemed himself up to now, the last few days he has just been lying around and not so happy.

Please, if anyone could provide any suggestions.