My 8 year old German Shepard recently started refusing to eat her normal dry dog food. I'm nervous in the wake of all the pet food recalls. Her dog food is not listed on the recall list and does not contain wheat gluten. I have always let her self feed as she has always been good with how much she eats. Timed feeding never worked with her. Anyhow, I noticed she wasn't eating when she kept bothering me and bothering me for dog treats. This is pretty normal for her, but my husband asked me if I had fed her in the last day or two. I said no as I assumed he had. He hadn't. So she has been refusing her normal dry food and I have no idea why. At first I figured she would eventually eat again. They won't starve themselves, right? Anyhow, after more days of her not eating the dry food we give her, I decided to give her cheerios, left over steak and rice. She happily ate all three of these. So there are no problems with her appetite. Still won't touch her dry dog food. I'm wondering if she senses something that we don't know yet about her food. What should I do? Should I just put her on rice and ground meat until this is sorted out? I'm worried if I do this she will never eat dry food again. I can't afford to feed her ground meat and rice for the rest of her life. That will get a little pricey. Her health and mood have been normal. No changes except for refusing her dry food. Any suggestions would be great.