I am at my wits end with my 6 year old husky/shepherd.

She had not eaten for about 3 days so we took her to our local emergency vet almost two weeks ago. They did a series of x-rays and also a barium swallow on her. They saw, what they thought, was a mass, which was not allowing food to empty from her stomach. They gave her something to empty all of the barium but this did not work as quickly as they said it should have. They advised us to take her to our reg. vet for further tests. After taking another x-ray, our vet decided that she should have surgery to see what was going on. Surprisingly enough, he couldn't find any obstruction at all and said that perhaps her stomach may have moved and by opening her and checking everything, it hopefully had righted itself. He checked her liver, spleen and stomach and all seemed fine. He did send some tissue samples off for a biopsy and everything has come back normal, no abnormalities at all.

We are having to feed her through a syringe into the side of her mouth, which she eats and keeps down. As soon as I try to put it into her mouth, she spits it out. Our vet has checked everything and has said that she is a perfectly healthy dog and he is completely puzzled at her behaviour.

If someone can give us some ideas I would be so grateful. I am so worried about her as she has already lost 13 lbs in just two weeks.