Okay, so I've never bred dogs before && I believed my 3.5lb yorkie was having a false pregnancy, but apparently somehow my 7lb yorkie got down to her level... this has never happened before && they have been together for about 5 years now. We really didn't think it was possible, apparently he's a little more talented then we first believed. Okay so she just had this puppy at 11:30 pm on 1/19/10. I need ideas on EVERYTHING! Since I have never done this before, is there certain food I should be feeding Chloe (the mother)?

Also, Chloe has always been a "mommy's" girl, she is having issues paying attention to her puppy if I walk away from her at all. She would rather sleep with me then with her puppy. I tried blocking them in a small area together && Chloe just barked, whined, && scratched at the door. I thought maybe she would give up on it... but she didn't. If I let her && the puppy lay next to me, she's fine. But there's no way I can sleep like this. Is the extreme motherly instinct going to kick in soon so she'll pay attention to her puppy more then she will me?

So many questions! Any advice is greatly appreciated!