I have a 3 year old maltipoo that hasn't ate or drank any wage for 5 days now. It started by him eating a rawhide bone I purchased from petco 6 days ago. The next day I awoke to him vomiting up undigested dry pet food. About 10 minutes later he began to attempt to vomit 2 times but only white spot came up. That was it for that day but he didn't want anything to drink or eat. On Monday I can home from work and he vomited 1 time that day with white spit. He looked lethargic and weak so I took him to the vet. She did a exam and stomach X-ray to see if he swallowed a piece of the rawhide. The only thing she was able to see was gas and air in his intestines. They began IV fluids and we won't home. On Tuesday he still was weak and not eating so they admitted him for fluids and care the following day I sent him back to my vet and the performed a barium swallow and it showed there was a blockage. The did surgery but no object or foreign body was found. They noted he had fluid, stool and inflammation in his abdomen. They continued the fluids but he is still not wanting to eat or drink. I have tried to force feed water with a syringe but he regurgitates that soon after. My vet repeated a X-ray today and said he has inflammation in his stomach. My pet has been very healthy until eating he rawhide bone. Im just really confused to why he doesn't want any food or water. Has anyone ever experienced or seen these symptoms before?