Hello everyone,

My husband and I have adopted a sweet shelter dog (lab mix, about 50 lbs) and have had her about two weeks. She's got some separation anxiety issues, which we're working on with increasing success, and some housebreaking problems, which we're also addressing with positive reinforcment and treats while she's on her walks or outside.

We feed her twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening and take her for a walk shortly thereafter. We each come home at lunch to let her out as well, so she's never alone for more than 3-4 hours. She ate her way through a crate during her previous adoption, and keeping her in one room of the house hasn't worked out either (she escaped) but letting her have run of the house has been great - she's as docile as a mouse.

Our problem? She's now afraid to go outside or go for a walk. She won't go near the door and puts her tail between her legs when the leash is put on her. My husband has actually lifted her through the door and down the steps, and once she's out, she's fine, but she's too heavy for me. I went home today and nothing, I put the leash on her and she rolled on her back. Not even her favorite "trail of treats" would entice her outside.

We have had a few thunderstorms the past few days, could that be it? Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.