Hi my staff is 64 days pregnant she had a temp drop yesterday down to 98.42 then to 98.24 and today her temp is 98.6 she has been nesting all night I stayed up with her and panting she does not look in any distress has eaten a couple of sausages today but won't eat anymore she is just sleeping and waking up and panting spoke to vet as I was concerned that 24 hours have past since temp drop and still no puppies he said she sounds fine and to bring her in if she starts to have contractions and pushing for more than a hour with no pup does anyone think its OK for 24 hours to pass since temp drop? And do you think will be soon any help would be very much appreciated I have whelped before so know all info on it but I have neva had a look like she is in first stage of labour for so long thanks ;)