I have read through all the other excessive biting posts..

I have a 3 month old female doberman puppy.. she BITES.. it might sound so simple, but its not.. I have scratch marks all over my legs and hands.. she has teeth an inch long and razor sharp..
It punctured by thumb today morn and I bled quite a bit..

She's a nice dog when she's not biting.. she loves to cuddle against me and sleep.. but that's the only time she's nice..

She's NOT scared of ANYTHING.. am quite an imposing guy at 6 foot 4 and 200 pounds but she just doesn't get deterred.. though she doesn't bite my mom as much which I can't explain how as am more loving towards her than my mom and also a lot more stricter than my mom..

I have tried EVERYTHING. Believe me.. I have pinned her down on her back until she stops struggling ( which she rarel does), I have locked her in the balcony for a few minutes every time she bites, I have whacked magazines and papers and made loud noises to scare her but that only seems to excite her more and she grabs the magazine and rips it apart..

I have yelled at her but she just does NOT seem to understand.. I have a younger sister at home too who got bitten quite bad and now she won't handle the puppy..

Its either my sister who is free in the house or the puppy as she won't walk around when the puppy is left free..
I mean its not fair for both of them..

I have had a labrador and a dalmatian before and I have never encountered such a problem.. I really don't want to give this one away as I could be a temporary problem till she stops teething..

But even 2 more months of teething and I ll probably look like I have a dragon for a pet..