Please help me! I have had my pom for 2 weeks now and he is 7 weeks old. The first week and a half he was a gentle laid back dog who barely made a whimper. Now that he has gotten used to the family he is a lot more playful and animated which was cute at first. Now his teeth are coming in more and he is biting everything, even though he has 6 or 7 toys now and putting the toys in his mouth instead of what he is chewing on has not worked, he then goes to biting fingers, toes, whatever. He is alo peeing and pooping everywhere! I have newspaper laid out and sometimes he will go on it but most of the time it's the floor. And when I try to put him back on the paper or stop him from going on the carpet and carry him to the paper he throws a fit and starts wriggleing and biting and snapping at my hands. Then he starts to run off as fast as he can to keep me from getting him and putting him back on the paper. He also gets a little rough when playing and begins to growl at the kids and me and snap in a nonplayful way. I know the person I got him from gave him away too early(at 6 weeks) but I didn't know anything about that until after I got him - about the socializtion he needed from his siblings. What can I do?