:confused: Hi, I have a mini schnauzer that is a diabetic. She will be 10 years old this July. She has been through a lot over the past several years, including the diabetes. I lived with the son for a while and now live with my daughter. I have had problems with my pet not wanting to eat. She has had bouts of diarrhea the last two weeks. I gave her pills for that. My pet eats Iams and has for years. We also have to watch her magnesium intake as a few years back she had bladder stones and needed surgery. I have a new Vet and she recommended this natural food as my daughter's dog is on it. I mixed it in with my dog's regular food and naturally she picked out the new food. Well, it didn't agree with her and we were back to the diarrhea. Again I placed her back on the pills for that. She was fine after a couple of days and now the stools are loose and constant. I have had problems with her eating, even way back, when I lived with my son. I would have to sit and feed my pet , piece by piece. For months now she is doing this again. She does not want to eat in the morning and now does not want to eat at all.

I took my pet to the Vet today and she checked out fine with all the blood work. I am waiting on the results from the stool specimen. The Vet was shocked about the natural food , which my daughter's dog eats, not agreeing with mine. The food also made my dog's stomach grumble. The Vet gave me a can of feline food to mix in with my dog's Iams. It is chicken. My pet refused to eat. Today the sugar level was right in the middle. Because my dog ate so very little tonight, she is lucky if she ate 8 pieces, I gave her half of her insulin. Well, tonight she almost collapsed. Her sugar went way down. I do not understand as she was given half a dose on an empty stomach when her teeth were cleaned. Why did she go hypoglycemic? I am glad that I was still awake when this happened.

She can not continue to refuse to eat. She needs her insulin, twice a day. My son and daughter are upset with me as I am talking about putting her down. I am ill myself and can't keep doing this. I also live on a fixed income. I have spent a lot of money on my pet through the years. I believe she was dx in 2003. It took a long time to get my pet regulated and quite a few dollars. I tried to explain to my " adult " children if she doesn't eat then she can't get the insulin and if there is weight loss then we will be going twice a week to test blood and change the dose of insulin. I am so tired and not in the position to spend hundreds of dollars.

Could my pet be depressed? She had a nice home and yard and that is gone. There was stress living with my son and there is stress living with my daughter. Sometimes I think that my Muffin would be better off, than to go on living, the way things are. In fact I have Shingles from the stress. My heart " breaks " for my Muffin. The two of us have been through so much since my divorce. If I am depressed then she must also be depressed and unhappy.

Is it possible that depression is the reason for not eating? Perhaps I should mention this to the Vet and get her input. Maybe Muffin needs an antidepressent. If that doesn't help then I will have no choice but to put her down.

Thanks so much for your time, Nancy