I have a seven month german shepherd puppy who to my horror has worms.
They're deffinately round worms probably ascaris and they're huge- by my worm standards anyway. I went to the vet on Monday and got dewormer which I promptly gave him when I got home. After I did this he started itching like crazy (I should probably mention he's been itching like crazy for the last two months- worms I think? Though the vet said allergies... it's not like they tested). Anyway, he didn't go to the bathroom except once on Monday and then today he went in the morning just a little and there were worms in his stool but they were still alive! Now he won't go to the bathroom still and he's still scratching like mad. I gave him another pill today and I have one more for tomorrow... but aren't these dewormers supposed to act fairly quickly?

I live in Poland so this is making the whole situation even more frustrating because the vets here seem to be incompetent! He was treated for worms in February, but never given a follow up pill for the eggs. In fact they never tested his stool in the first place like they do in the US. On top of that like I said he's been scratching and biting at himself and I've eliminated almost everything from his diet with no luck- but they haven't tested blood or made and real query's about it!

So the real question: how long should the pill take to work? And what do I need to know the next time I go to the vet?