I have a male dachshund at 18 months old. Two weeks ago, I got a female dachshund 7 months. Old. We took her to our vet and everything was great except her vulva was swollen. Her very 1st heat. Three days later she began to bleed. Today is the? 14th? Day. I had bought her a panty which ties on both sides and has a pad in it. They have always played well. They like to get something(paper,toy,etc) and run and chase each other. When they were running in the room I had noticed she had something in her mouth. I got it and it was part of the plastic that held her pad in the panty. I then looked and saw she did not have on her panty and within 2-3 minutes found it. I called them over to give them a treat to keep their minds on treats! Then as I looked in the fridge for just a moment, I heard some scraping sounds, I turned and saw him humping her. Now, just know that he has never ever been close! He has never even had his penis out except just the tip. We tried to breed him with another dog before and he did not have a clue! He tried to go in her side. So I was VERY surprised to see him on her that close! I even moved his leg to see if he was in her. He WAS! Then they were tail to tail. I was so scared. I did not want them to do it, she is too young! I petted them and consoled them and finally his penis went down and he was able to release her.
What to do??
What are the statistics that she will get pregnant this very first time and when they were interrupted? I am so afraid for her. She is very long and so is he. He weighs 12 lbs and she 9.3. Should I call her vet on Monday or adapt a wait and see attitude?