I am the third owner of my doxie and Zeus is the first dog I have eve owned so I was wondering if it is normal for a dog to like to suck on things? When we first got him I made a place for him with a couple of blankets and a pillow because the first night we hadn't had a chance to buy him a dog bed. Well the first thing he did was rearrainge the blankets and start sucking on them. Since then we have gone through about 5 blankets in the past year because every night he has to unwind by sucking and chewing on them. Why does he do this? Was he taken from his mom too soon or is it part of his emotional problems. Zeus is an amazingly smart dog ( and that is not just me being a proud momma) but emotionally the little guy is a mess. The story we got when we took him is that his first owner was a flight attendant and she would leave him for days in the back yard with just a big bucket of water and an open bag of food. The second own took him from her and had him about a week before she answered my ad regarding looking for a free puppy for my husbands xmas present. So anyway he must have someone with him 24/7 or he cries and destroys things. Sooooo looog story short is the sucking a blanket a good thing? Sorry I am a rambler.