For 43 days we have been infested with bugs from our pets. First identified as fleas, we began our nightmare. It was so horrible, we moved into a hotel for 33 days. We've done EVERYTHING. We bombed ourselves twice. Exterminator bombed three times, fleabusters came, I've put my own boric acid everywhere. We vacuum everything in the house twice daily and put the vacuum bags in plastic and put outside in trash. Our dog has had 3 rounds of topical (pet armor, then frontline, then advantix), oral meds (2 rounds of program and comfortis), flea baths, sprays, etc. Etc. Then we find she has tapeworms, of course. So the vet treats her for that. I still see bugs, so I took her to the vet. Of course the vet didn't see the bugs, but took a stool sample. That test indicated that she also has giardia. I looked on her again today and on her belly, near her legs are several bugs, that look like ticks sort of, attached to her. Our beds have what looks like seeds constantly. Also, white sand looking particles that I assume are eggs. If the bugs were fleas or ticks, wouldn't all that medication have killed them? I can't seem to get any answers. I am so naucious now, I can't even go try to pick them off the dog. I don't want to go near the dog. She is so sweet, a whippet, and she is just infested with parasites of all kinds. Anyhow, can this be anything other than ticks or fleas? I really think if they were ticks or fleas that the bombs, the medications, the cleaning, would be helping. Thanks.