We have a 5 month old blue heeler/golden retriever female, spayed 1 week ago. She spends all her time outside--occasionally allowed inside. She had a very hard time biting and chewing several weeks ago, but by using vinegar spray, we've been fairly successful controlling that.

However, she jumps non-stop. She constantly is in between your legs, in and out, back and forth. She will jump to try to grab what you have in your hand, but when you throw it to try to get her to retrieve, she just looks where you've thrown and goes back to jumping on you. If I try to hold her down, she'll be submissive for a very few seconds, then immediately starts squirming. The longer you hold her down, the more she squirms and seems to be more jumpy afterwards.

If we verbally scold her, she literally bites at the air, then barks. I don't feel the barking is aggressive, but I may be misreading her. Is this type of barking (after a scolding) aggressive?

I feel that we don't spend enough time with her, but she NEVER settles down, no matter how long you spend with her. She won't play and retrieve, just constantly tries to jump on you and nip and herd.

How do I go about finding a good trainer and do you think we're doing something wrong at this point?