I rescued a saluki 4 years ago,

When I had him he was nearly dead, but I didn't give up on him and gt him back to the dog he should be, however he suffers from depression and is treated for this but he loses weight...

At his top weight that I can get him to he is still underweight, his ribs stick out and the joints on top of his back legs stick out..

The vet has said he is underweight and has run a lot of test to find out why and drew a blank...

So I am wondering what is the best way or best food to help him put on weight,

I darnt take him for walks in public places because people stop and stare and comment and his ribs

Will show a pic of before and after

The 1st pic is 3 mnth after I had him, the pics frm when I had him first are to disturbing to post

This is one of the pics


These are the afters