My 9 year old min pin has been very annoying lately and it worries me. For a little bit over a week now she has been whining non stop. When we go out (with and without her coat), lying down with and without us, in her bed, in our bed. She won't eat much. She licks us like it's her first time seeing us even when we've only been gone for like 30 minutes. She's still active, running, jumping and such. I tried and organic method to calm her down, Rescue Remedy by Bach and it just makes her sleepy but she still whines. I am hesitant about taking her to the vet in fear that I'll be paying someone just to tell me she's lonely or old. Can anyone help me out? Please. I can't stand to see her this way and we both need some sleep. She's been so restless and figits a lot.