Hello- I was at a flea market last Sat. and an individual there had a box full of puppies, Apparently different breeds and different ages- he professed the age of the puppy I acquired was 5 weeks old, along with his siblings which were about twice the size of this apparent runt. The person was selling these boxer, pit bull, sharpei,? Mix as pure bred pits but I really doubt theare, Anyway I justl glanced in the box and noticed the smallest puppy was mostly lethargic and was also very limp when I picked her up-- I told the owner that I didn't think that one would make it through the night-- To make a long story "shorter", I brought her home to attempt to save her life because it was apparent the owner was only interested in selling the other ones. I got a phony phone number so my info has been very limited. The puppy was wormy and has been wormed on the third day after I got her mostly back on her feet by feeding her liquified canned gravy train and goats milk along with supplements of Nutra stat paste- -She appears to have no problems swallowing as she drinks water voluntarily.. She also makes pee and poop-- Just won't eat on her own and basically acts as if she doesn't know how- -She does have a full set of teeth, no cleft pallet or any other abnormalities noticed-- Any suggestions will be greatly apprecitated.