We just got him yesterday evening from the breeder and he didn't start "acting like a puppy" until this morning (and when I say "morning" I mean 1 AM!). I got up to use the rest room and, of course, he followed me there but I pushed him out of the doorway gently and shut the door to go. I heard him whine a little and snuffle around. He eventually walked off to go lay by the feet of my brother in the game-room.

When I walked back in the game-room he came and greeted me happily but I decided it would probably help his behavior if I ignored him. As I type this he's laying at my feet dozing off... I love him but I don't want this to turn into anything serious like separation anxiety.

He also whines and barks a little when I put him in his crate, like I did this morning so I could shower in peace. My brother who was in the game-room (where the crate currently is for the daytime) had to give him a couple of "No!"'s and a few "Shaker Can" rattles to quiet his whining and tiny barks. Any advice please?