Hello, I need help asap! ;( My zy gave birth 2 weeks ago to 5 pups, she died 3 days after, and a vet looked at her 3 days prior to her passing and said she was doing fine! Evidentaly she wasnt;(( Since, 2 pups refused to eat after starting really well on bottle feeding, but then stopped suddenly, and died within 2 days each. Now, I have a 3rd, who up till day before yesterday was eating like a little piggie! He won't open his mouth for anything, not the bottle with puppy formula, or an IV drip solution of karo syrup, salt and water, or a gel made for finicky pups. He won't open for anything, and I don't want to loose another;( The remaining 2 are putting on weight very good, strong, and eyes just starting to pop open, but the wee one just lays there and produces a soft moan, He pooped this am, it was soft, and he's urinated... but he's waisting away quickly. What can I do? Please:confused: help!