My wife and I have two dogs. One is a 3 and a half year old beagle, and the other is a beagle-lab mix that is almost two. We have had each dog for a quite awhile and have never really had potty problems in the house. We moved to a new state three months ago and they had a few problems the first week with pooping in the house, but it went away after a few days. Over the last couple of weeks though, they have been pooping in our sons room and downstairs many times when we leave the house and almost every single night. They always poop in the same spots and it is usually both of them that do it (if one does it, so does the other). They have an open door throughout the day and go to the bathroom often, but are locked inside at night. They always go out before we go to bed, but still poop in the house at night regularly. I have cleaned, sanitized and deoderized the spots where they go to take away the scent. Every time that we come home and they have pooped, they cower and know that they have done something wrong, even before we spot it. The same thing when we wake up and they have pooped in the house. My wife works from home and this lets them go in and out of the house during the day, as she leaves the back door open. We don't have a fenced yard, but they are on an invisible fence. We would leave the back door open at night, but we live in a cold part of the country and need the doors closed to keep it warm and keep heating bills down. Why do they keep going in the house? Why does this happen almost every night? Is there something we can do to curtail this? They are generally good dogs that are well behaved. They get out a lot and exercise. The beagle-lab listens well and is well behaved. The beagle only listens when he is afraid and is very disrespectful. He isn't bad, he's just shady, sneaky, and rude (if that makes sense for a dog). HELP!!