This morning my dog started retching and occasionally threw up. Mostly it was stomach fluid. This he had also done about 3 time about 5 days ago. Then I figuured it was because Ihad given him a small rawhide chew snack... and he was muching that on and off that day. I took away the snack things and it seemed like he was OK. But this morning he was retching frequently and only able to bring up a foamy.. slimy fluiid. He was also not his playful energetic self... but did go outside but just stood in the yard. Usually he flies out the door like a crazed pup.. hopinng to get at a squirrel or rabbit.
I noticed he had not eaten his dry food from the night before and he didn't want (or had not taken any water since last night either.
In the AM he usually expects a treat when he comes in... but he ignored that as well. The retching happened again and he seemed ill.
He did played catch a while 9something he always wants to do in the morning).. but then he was mostly laying about with occasional attempts to throw up... with no results.
He wanted to hide under the bed... not usual. I took him to a vet this afternoon... the vet gave him an antibiotic shot and told me to take away his food for the rest of today and most of tomorrow. He gave me some liquid with volcanic ash (I believe it's a form of charcoal) to put in his water. He said it would detox his system if he'd eaten something toxic. And to try to get him to take as much as I could. Said I could either squirt it in his mouth... or put in with his water. The dog wants no water... so I am squirting it in his mouth occasionally.
He has spend the rest of today laying under a bed (uncharacteristic of him). It's like he wants darkness.
After the vet trip , befoore we went into our house... the dog had one event of almost liquid stool. Then he walked around the yard and he kept digging in the dirt He crawled under a chair in the yard and started to dig. I took him in the house. Later I put him out and he went to dig in the ground again... under another chair. This is not normal for him. After he dug a little he'd just stand still. Once he retched into the small hole he'd dug.
I brought him inside again. He went back under a bed. He's been under the bed about 2 hours now. I plan too get him out after this e-mail and try to squirt some water into his mouth.
The vet said... if he looks better tomorrow I can feed him again... but to start with just a little (he's on;y 9 pounds so he eats only a little anyhow). He said if he's still sick on Thursday (day after tomorrow) I should bring him back.
I wonder if Ihe vet has looked seriously enough at the dog. If he won't eat today and is drinking no water... wouldn't it be dangerous to let things go to Thursday?
I am concerned how long he can get by without drinking water or eating.
Anyone with experience?
If he's eaten something sharp.. (because he did chew up a plastiic thinng on two occasions) what would be the symptooms of a problem from that?
He's 9 lb 8 oz... 16 months old. And usually full of play and energy.