My 10 week old 4# Boston Terrier puppy poops every 2 hrs even through the night.
I feed her 3X day a total of about 1/2 c. which she does not always eat.
She is crate trained and loves her crate. Poops and pees outside and let's me know when she has to go, but this also goes on every night and I am exhausted!
I have been doing this for 9 days. She is on Albon for coccinea for 2 more days.
She had diarrhea 1 day after joining our family from a good breeder, but then
it got worse--took her to vet and he treated her with the Albon. Her stools are better now. She is pooping in her crate and eating her poop before I can get to it.
I am so tired from lack of sleep, last night I slept right through 2 poops. What can I do to get her to hold it through the night. Her last meal is at 5:30pm and her first meal is at 7:30am. She poops and peeps before bedtime. Help!