I got married this year, and its almost 2 months now, still my wife keeps on thinking about her ex. At the time of marriage, she had admitted about her affair, but had told me that, she doesn't care about him anymore. I thought she really meant it and hence trusted her n got married. Now after marriage, she sends him chat messages and says that she misses him and asks if he misses her too. I had a doubt in my mind, so I did see her chat history and found that. After that I was extremely unhappy with her and I told her that the way she behaved was really painful. Somehow I got over this, and again after a couple of months, she starts watching sad songs, songs where the lover leaves you, movies which have the stories of love affairs, or TV serials where there are similar stories of girls getting married to wrong persons. To my face, she really shows as if she loves me, but from inside she thinks about her ex. This I know, from the choice of her songs, movies, and TV serials. I feel cheated as she did not tell me that she had such a serious affair that lasted for 4 years before marriage. Had I known that, I would have never married to her. Now, she keeps irritating me, by watching songs that make her feel better, that have things related to her ex. And when I try to ask her as to why she is watching such songs, she starts lying about everything. She says, by mistake I have seen that, sometimes I like sad songs from childhood, she even swears to God that her intention is not that. I am tired of fighting with her. But I don't want to take a divorce because it will bring really bad name to our families. I am confused and don't have anyone to tell this too. I feel like, I will never get to see someone who doesn't think about anyone else but me. I am confused, please tell me if any of you have any suggestion.