I am attampting to file for divorce without using a lawyer. I was recently laid off from work and money is real tight. I am trying to get a divorce before I refinance my house. I have a couple of questions. I downloaded the divorce papers so I can do it myself.

1. There was a child involved but I found out after we were already separated that the child was not mine. We have already been to court to have my name taken off the birth certificate. I do not have to pay child support or anything. I still keep my son everyother night. What of the part of the divorce package do I not need to file due to this?

2. The only things that are left to settle are 2 cars and a house. As of now my name is on here car loan and title. Her name is on my car loan and title. We both have agreed that her car is hers and my car is mine. Do the cars need to be invloved in the divorce papers? If not how do we get eachothers names off the loans and titles?

3. As for the house, I had purchased the house before we were married and the only reason her name is on the title is I had to refinance becaue I was buying the house from my boss and he needed to get him out from under it. We both agree that the house is mine and she says she wants nothing to do with the house. Does this need to be included in the divorce papers? If not how do I go about getting her name off the title to my house?

Thank you