I have been married 6 years and am in the middle of a divorce. The last year of which we have been living apart.I have 1 child and I am paying child support. My wife now want part of my pension and alimony,is she entitled to it? She has taken me for a ride, due to her spending, I had to go into bankruptcy, which she wanted nothing to do with. She is a Day Care provider with her sister and a friend.Since we have been married,they started a corporation and she has nothing in her name, everything is in her sisters name.They opened a second Day Care in the house that they bought under the corporation. She always had her own bank account and I never knew how much she made,she claims she makes minimum wage. I paid all the bills in the house,she never contributed and when she did have money to buy something she said her sister gave it to her. I do not know where I stand,but it feels like I am in quicksand because I am sinking fast. Any help!