I'm new to the site. Have a important question.

I'm in my early 50's, boyfriend in this mid 50's, been married 40 years. I have met all of his family, i.e. sisters, brother, dad, children and grandchildren. We live together and have for over 2 years. He helps me financially; i.e. fixing up the house, buying anthing that needs to be done to the house, also pays me rent.

He had several excuses to start with not divorcing his wife. First he doesn't want to make her mad. And he says he doesn't want to make me mad either.

What bothers me is that he still goes to her house (theirs) to take the grandkids after school 3-4 days out of the week. He has holidays with the whole family. (I do have holidays later in the day or we travel out of town to one of his relatives.

Am I being too selfish? I really don't want to be married again. Am I just jealous of his attachment to his wife. By the way, they haven't slept together for 15 years. This also confirmed by his daughter and son.

Let me know if I haven't been clear and I'll clarify.