This is my 2nd marriage. I have 2 boys from my 1st marriage. My 1st marriage ended due to him cheating on me, and physically and emotionally abusing me. I was single/dating for 2 years. During this 2 years I met the most wonderful guy he was 15 and I was 21, but we broke up after 1year because he was 6 years younger than me, and that is a legal issue. About 6 months after we broke up I met my now husband. We met online, met the next day, dated for 2 months, I moved in, we got engaged, and then married on our 11month anniversary (it went fast to say the least). We have now been married for almost 7 years. About a month or so ago, the ex-boyfriend contacted me through FB, and we have been talking and seeing each other. Please let me stress that nothing intimate has happened. We have discovered that we are still madly in love with each other and want to be together. He is to say the least my soul mate. My current husband knows that I used to date him before we met and knows all about mine and his relationship, but does not know that I have been talking/seeing him. I love my husband, but I am not "in love" with him. I don't honestly know that I have ever been in love with him. But he is a good man, and a good father to my 2 boys. We are just more like room mates living in a house together. We don't have sex hardly ever, and we just don't have anything in common.

Now the other man, is also married. He has been married for almost 3 years. He also loves his wife, but is not in love with her. (I think we both confirmed not being "in-love" with our spouses after realizing how "in love" with each other we still are.) He is getting ready to join the military reserves and once he gets done with training and school wants a divorce from his wife. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me, he has made that perfectly clear. I want a divorce from my husband, but I am scared because I don't want the divorce for any reason other than I don't want to spend my life married to someone that I am not in love with. I do however, want him to still be apart of the boys life. He has been an amazing dad to them, that I can not deny, and I would want him to still be in their lives on a full-time basis. I have tried to talk to him about the issues I have in our marriage, and he just doesn't see it.

So my ultimate question is how do I tell my husband that I want a divorce because I am not in love with him anymore?


Once I divorce my husband, my boys and I will be getting an apartment and I will be living on my own, and the relationship with the other man will progess as a normal relationship.

I don't know what to do. I am so incredibly, head over heals in love with the other man... my soulmate!