I am currently living in south america and my husband is an alcoholic that has started drinking again. I'm 40 he is 63. I'm desperate to go back to the states. I don't know where to start and I'm really scared. He has left me with no money and lots of bills. I need courage to leave and not feel like a loser. I am so ashamed my life is such a shambles at my age. I know I can work hard again and get back on my feet. The fear I have is if he will be explosive or if I need to figure out a way to leave while he takes a trip back home. I haven't been able to get the money from the sale of my goods back in home. So I can't even buy a ticket back. He keeps money away from me so I can't even save some behind his back. It will be $1000 -$1500 to get back because I won't leave my cat and little dog behind. I have no credit cards left since he stopped paying them. I have jewelry I can pawn when I get home as I won't get beans for it down here. I can't ask anyone I know to buy me a ticket and pay them back either. Help with any suggestions please. I am losing my hair and have migraines 24/7. I even managed to knock out two fillings from grinding my teeth. Please help me get out of this sinking ship. Thank you so much for listening.