Hello to all... well I'm in need of a divorce asap!! I just got a job and do not have a lot of money and want to do this all right,. he will sign the papers if I take care of everything. We have 3 things we might fight over... well 1 I know of and it is our 2 year old daughter... I have 2 other children and I want her with all of us... and he will not hear of it... I can come to that later if need be... I have 2 tv's I want (1 from before we were married and the other I just got) and we also have 2 4-wheelers that are my oldest kids and he will not let them have them because he said that I will sell them. And they are not grateful and they do not deserve to have them. That they are ungrateful kids... he has one of his own... he has a DRUG problem (POT) and I know a lot of this he will not fight over because of his "problem" and he does not want it to be brought up... I left to think and went to my grandma's and he said he wanted a divorce and I said OK... and I DO! I only have a bag of clothes and he has everything else... most all of the stuff in the house he can have I don't care... I JUST NEED A DIVORCE!!

We were married for 4 years and were married in TN... he lives in GA and has for the last almost year... I left and moved to TX about a month ago... I know it is 6 months. I just need help with everything from A-Z. and to have all of my I's dotted and t's crossed. If you can help. And I want my old name back!

Thank you