I feel stupid. i've been married 4 years but it seems longer. My husband is a drug user. Every time i get paid, he goes into my account and takes money. He pretends he is going to change and uses me every time he has no money, place to stay or eat. i've tried to kick him out but the law says we are married and i can't. I live in florida. He pushed our 4 year old daughter in the head last week because of anger. I don't qualify for any assistance but i can barely make it. We have 3 kids and i pay all of the bills. I got my own account so i can hide money but i'm tired of living this way. I don't want to go to a shelter but i'm desperate. Somebody please give me advice. i've enabled him too long. Feel like i'm in a nightmare. i've lost so much and finally got my kids stabled but he is starting over again with his relapses. He has been in and out of progrms. Please help me with solutions. Thank you.