We are a young couple and been shortly married a bit over 2 years been together longer though, my husband is very selfish and self centered never helps with the raising of our child and not much excitement for our second. We have two very different back grounds and ideas of parenting he doesn't understand a child will be a child and they want to play. He disaplins our child for wanting to play or to even share his drink. He has been aggressive to me in the past with no charges because nothing went to far out of control he would hit. Or push and the regret it and go in his room and hide out. He has a very low mental mentality and no job I also have no job and our only income is ssi disability which my daughter doesn't qualify for. I have no savings poor credit and no safe place for myself or my child to go I have often tried to get him to leave our apartment because we had rent paid ahead but never would so now I'm staying with him primarilly for the income I can't work have my own application pending for disability due to health conditions I don't know the steps of leaving or what I should do its not a marriage anymore the love is gone well not gone still there but the choices he makes are not beneficial to our family and immature. I have tried to seek counsil but no avail I'm early on in my pregnancy about 2 1/2 months but I have no car and don't drive either my husband offten encourages me to leave because he knows I'll stay because I have no choice and although I love him I feel it unrequitted or non returned we have our good days of course where everything is fine but I want more for my children and a half time or part time loving father doesn't cut it exspecially on who would rather by an xbox instead of diapers Please any help would be great!