I have been with my husband for over eight years. We have been married for four of those years. My husband has two children from a previous marriage. The mother of his children hates me, of course, and likes to make me miserable. She has always tried to continue attending my husbands family functions. Many times he has asked her to refrain with no success. One thing she has done recently is befriended my husbands mother and sister to get invited to the family dinners, parties, holiday functions and so on. This not only bothers me and my husband but her new husband as well. The children get stressed out and do not know who to talk to, who to ask for soda or desert, and so on. My husband and his ex have been able to work things out well enough without getting the court involved. Should I request he get a court order forcing her to stay away? Is there any legal way around this? HELP!