I never thought it would come to this... I feel pretty crappy... I have only been married for almost 5 months but we can't get along anymore. We are mean to one another we really say hurtful things, I know 5 months is not long but before we got married we have been together for 6 years. We had been engaged for 2 of those. But we got married when we found out we were pregnant about 3 months along. I know it was dumb getting married just because of the baby, but we really thought it would be the best thing for her. Now I know it was the rong thing to do. I'm now 8 months pregnant and trying to figure out how to handle all of this. I want to have it settled by the time she gets here but I know that's not going to happen... I just need someone to tell me how to start this mess. Imean do I have to file for custody on a newborn? I do not want child support and he said he will turn his rights to her over if I really want him to, I love him but we can't do this screaming and cussing at each other saying terrible things to one another we can't put our poor baby in the middle. Please some advice for a heart broke mommy to be