I met him when I was 18, and I left him when I was 28, It has been a year now and we are divorced. I left him because I needed him to be more, I thought if I left him he would realize how much he loved me and come back and he never did. What I needed when I was 18 was a far cry from what I needed when I was 28, he just never seemed to grow up. I went from a factory worker, to a college grade and now in a career I love. I have had many successes to many to metion, but he was not there for any of them. He valued is friends and family more than me. And the better I became the less he seemed to look at me, and one day I just dissapeard. I tried to keep his attention he just saw me as nothing special, but that was not how I saw him. The day I left him, I waited for him to call, tell me he didn't want to spend one day without me, months passed no calls, nothing. Even during the holidays, birthdays nothing. I am better off without him I know that. But that feeling of being abanded is still there, a very lonely place in my heart. I don't know how to mend that. If there is someone else has gone through that or similar how did you get through it?