How does the government affect the flow of money between government and two households - lone parents and couples with children, using one example of a government decision. How would this decision affect how money flows between these two different households and co-operations.

Could someone please give me some ideas please I am really stuck on this. So far I have got:

Lone parent households are more than three times to live in social housing and are likely to describe their health as ‘not good’ than mothers raising children with a partner. The UK government had concluded that many of these problems were the result of lone parents not being able to find paid employment for more than 16 hours a week. Statistics had shown that 77 percent of lone parent families that had been in poverty and that had found paid work, moved out of it when the parent found paid employment and held work for more than two years. Due to this, the government took steps to encourage lone parents into paid employment, e.g. by switching those on low incomes from Income Support to JobSeekers Allowance when their child reaches school age and by making more free or subsided childcare available.