I am on the autism spectrum, though I have to say my symptoms have improved with time and age, yet I still do experience a little trouble in social situations. I can be pretty hard on myself when I make social errors, you could say I'm my own worst critic and I often find myself over-analyzing the reasons as to why people who are not the autistic spectrum feel uncomfortable around me when I do. After all, aren't there much worse things to suffer in this world than mere social repercussions? A clear distinction should be made between criminality and non-conformity. I'm fully aware what constitutes crime and what doesn't, and I'm a complete law-abiding citizen. Also, it's not like I've wound up dead in the street or become homeless or anything like that. People can't discriminate against you or refuse to provide you any kind of service just because your brain is wired differently from theirs. In all honesty, I'd much prefer I wound up alone with nobody than feel forced to act in a way that doesn't come naturally to me. And if people are too embarrassed to be around me, shouldn't that say more about them than about me? Ok, well maybe I don't actually want to wind up alone, but I do want them to accept me for the person I am. I didn't choose to be this way after all. Shouldn't people realise that?