I need a Customized work Glove with 4 fingers on the left one, (3 fingers and a thumb). And well as a padded palm on the right one.

I've been a bit rough on my hands over the years. I've had a table saw rip through the palm of my right hand resulting in nerve damage to my little finger and the adjoining finger & limited muscle strength in my thumb. I can apply about 3 to 4 pounds of pressure to hold things with my thumb.

I've also had my left index finger removed. The removal process was started by a frightened horse on one end of a rope and my index finger entangled in the loops of the other end. Doctors completed the removal quite successfully.

The incident with the horse was 25 years ago and I spend a good number of years in construction, actually in building and installing cabinets. I was very good at it despite the missing finger but the my back couldn't keep up with it. I've moved on to computers and my current job requires a good deal of typing. I deal with the limitations OK, just slows my typing to about 25 to 30 words a minute.

However the more recent damage to my right hand by a table saw changes the way I do every thing. I find that in order to do the things around the house I'm using the left hand for any heavy work. Since I continued to build cabinets and do wood working I'm finding I'm causing minor injury to my hand more and more lately. I'm remodeling my pool house to a rental apt by adding a kitchen and a few other thing but the digging to run the power and the rest of the construction projects involved has led me to understand that to protect what is left of my hands I need gloves. Problem being that the extra finger on the left hand glove that I don't have a finger for keeps getting in the way. That empty glove finger has snagged on several tools, I'd like to avoid getting my hand pulled into power equipment if possible.

So I need to find someone that can alter heavy-duty work gloves. I've tried a couple of leather workers that do work on horse equipment but my skin is a bit more delicate than horse hide and their fixes are too rough and course. Seamstresses can't deal with the leather.

Any suggestions?