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    Feb 13, 2007, 10:39 AM
    Wireless Mouse
    I recently installed a wireless mouse to one of two USB ports. Suddenly my computer is "unable to communicate" with my printer which is connected to the other USB port.

    I would like to keep both set up. I am stumped.:confused:

    If it helps: Computer is HP Pavilion. Printer is Lexmark X63.

    Does anyone have ideas or suggestions?

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    Feb 13, 2007, 02:10 PM
    Sounds like a driver conflict. Go to device manager, are there any yellow "!" marks shown?

    If there is try this first. Disconnect the printer from USB, and uninstall the printer drivers.

    Reboot, and once in Windows your mouse should be working as normal, correct? Check device manager again to ensure there are no yellow exclamation marks.

    Now install the printer drivers (don't connect the printer yet). Once the drivers are installed, reboot. When your fully booted into Windows, plug in the printer. Windows should automatically detect the drivers and begin installing. Once done, reboot and check device manager.

    Please report back if that worked.:)
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    PoinDixie Posts: 3, Reputation: 1
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    Feb 27, 2007, 06:44 AM

    I disconnected the printer and uninstalled its driver , but the yellow exclamation point still appears next to the mouse item on the Device Manager.

    Any ideas on what to try next? Shall I re-connect/reinstall the printer anyway? :o
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    Feb 27, 2007, 07:20 AM
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    Feb 27, 2007, 07:26 AM
    Did you reboot the computer after uninstalling the printer driver? Once you reboot, don't connect the printer yet. Install the printer driver first. Then connect the printer to a different USB stack.

    For example, most motherboards will have maybe 4 or more USB ports on the back of the PC. Usually 2 or 3 usbs will be stacked together, and right beside it will be another stack of 2 or 3.

    Unplug your mouse and connect it to the front USB, if you have one, if not, connect it to the usb stack without the printer. Is the exclamation mark still there? Try this with the computer Off, and again with it ON.

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